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Our Mission


Corporate Vision

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promotive being; as well as our human resources in order to keep our persistence on the sector and achieve discrepancy.
Corperate Mission
Within the scope of our management system, strengthen our systematic substructure and announcing our name on the domestic and international projects by creating Professional solutions are our missions.
Our priority is to create value to our clients and meet their expectations through quality and stability.
Claiming our manufactures and supporting our clients after the sales is our duty.
Being the best on quality, service and providing alternative investment opportunities and keeping this title is our primary objective. Our most important fund is our human resources.
The quality of our service starts with our workers’ attribution.


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Improving the quality management system we have been implementing and whole operational work process performance and serving impeccable projects as well as our clients’ satistaction is our quality policy.

Workplace safety and Security Policy

Analysing the events towards legal work safety and security regulations and determinated risks; thus confronting the process and improving every section of it, in terms of the health conditions of our workers and making provision for potential accidents, training our subcontractors and workers for having beter awareness on work safety, health and responsibility and completing the work with precision is our workplace safety and security policy.

Environment Policy

Under the official regulations, preventing air, water and ground from being polluted, using environment friendly products in the process of manufacture, training our subcontractors and workers for having beter awareness on the importance of the environment, applying legal regulations on building site waste and tailing, and using this process consistently with regular supervisions is our environment policy.

Human Resources Policy
Our human resources polity is to provide steady and smooth work place for workers who are to seize the company’s values and to be supported for their improvements and who are the most valuable capital to be carried for future.

Human Resources System for CEMA: supporting professional and personal developments of workers and leading/supporting them to improve consistently.

CEMA Construction, who believes that corporate success can be achieved only with experienced, creative and innovative and hard working crew, intends their workers’ satisfaction and motivation to the highest level.

CEMA Construction, who knows the importance of discrepancy in the changing and growing engineering world, aims to keep workers’ satisfaction and lead the construction sector accordingly.


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