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Property maintenance in Turkey, fees and costs

You have successfully completed the purchase of your holiday home and investment in Turkey. Put a big tick there and applaud yourself for your lifestyle and investment choice, well done. No doubt you shall create many great memories and may even decide to move over there lock stock and barrel one day. Now that you have it successfully under your belt, how do you go about managing and maintaining...
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How to buy property in Turkey

The following is our step by step guide for foreign nationals purchasing property in Turkey as smoothly and safely as possible. Buying a home overseas may not be as straight-forward as buying in your home country. The main reasons as to why people generally perceive overseas property acquisitions as higher risk than buying at home are as follows: •The fear of being defrauded and losing money as well as precious time....
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Who Can Buy Property in Turkey

In previous years before 2012, Turkey had a strict reciprocity law in place which restricted many nationals from buying property in Turkey unless a Turkish national could in return, buy a home in that respected country. However in May 2012 a new law was implemented by the Turkish government which lifted a large amount of these restrictions and opened the Turkish property market to nationals of more than 129 different countries....
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