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A. Invest In property In Turkey

gokdelenCEMA Construction has done its first investment in 2007 after researching and 404 Not Found

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analysing the development of the sector. Hundereds of projects CEMA has examined since the beggining; thus reached significant experience in order to decide which Project is more presentable for investment.

CEMA Construction , who is experienced and knowing on location choosing, pursuit of developing areas, market search, feasibility, public house laws and real-estate law, attachs highly importance to professional development and education in order to carry project development process to the international level.

Entering the market with investing house projectsi CEMA Construction has joined some important ‘project- bidding’ processes of business centres, offices and ‘mix-use style’ projects; ultimately proved that they have potential to become one of the most important players in real estate sector.

Keeping up with market’s dinamics, supply-demand equilibrium and new developing areas, some significant land investments are done in the Goztepe, Acibadem and Beylerbeyi districts of Istanbul.

CEMA Construction, who follows the developing areas in Istanbul and Aegean teritoris, has done land investments for house, villa and business centre concepts consisting 52.000 m2 indoor area in 2013.
Completing project concepts of present land investments and proceeding research and development activities for new investment projects are within the range of CEMA Construction’s project development objectives for 2013 and after, Open for collaboration in terms of design as well as inverstment partnership; CEMA Construction has aimed to practise value creating projects across Turkey.

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B. MakIng ConstuctIon CommItment Projects and Management ServIces

vincOur self disciplined and steady working construction team,who are under the control of our experienced construction engineers and architects that specialised in house building, works with the finest construction techniques for each project within determined schedule.
All kinds of construction materials and equipments are transmittaled to the construction site depends on the size and technical features of the job.
Our construction site settlements are established proper to workers; as workplace safety and workers’ working conditions are secured.
During the work process, environmental conditions are controlled, required precautions are taken in order to minimize negative effects of the work to the environment.
Tectonical/architectural and static projects of the construction works that we have assumed to be contractor are done free of charge; provides great savings. [/span6] [/row]

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